Zinitevi Download For Android APK, iOS, TV and, PC

What comes to your mind when you see or hear the word Zinitevi? It sounds weird even for a Movie App. Make no mistake Zinitevi is among the top-rated apps that allow users to stream or download thousands of Movies, TV shows, and trailers for free. It functions on both Android and iOS operating systems with extensive support for multiple devices. Primarily it is famous for being a mobile movie app that provides you entertainment on the go. However, it can integrate with large-screen devices to enhance your viewing experience. 


Zinitevi App info

Version1.1.3 for iOS / 1.1.7 for APK
File Size17.2MB iOS / 13.4 APK
LicenseFree / VIP
LanguageEnglish + 30 Lang.

Zinitevi Download Free

zinitevi download

Best Features of Zinitevi App

  • Get access to thousands of Movies and TV shows completely free.
  • Media available in HD and FHD format
  • Watch Movies and TV Shows online or Offline (even without the internet)
  • Use the history option to save the movies
  • You can add movies to your favorite list
  • Zinitevi has versatile compatibility as you can use it with Android TV, Smart TV, Fire TV, Wifi Sharing, Roku, and Chromecast.
  • Synchronize favorites and history to the cloud
  • No need to sign up or register.
  • Subtitle support.
  • Airplay support
  • Trakt and Real Debrid integration 
  • Use search and filters to quickly access your desired movie or show.
  • Bios of celebrities are available.

Zinitevi for Android APK

Zinitevi Movie app is compatible with all Android devices running Android 5 or above. You can use it to watch and download movies/TV shows on your smartphone, Tablet, Android TV, Fire TV, or any other Android-based device.  This app is not available in Google Playstore and it functions as an independent service. Zinitevi apk installer file is available in hundreds of Websites, Blogs, and third-party app stores, however, you should only download apk files from reliable sources.

zinitevi apk

Since Zinitevi demands no root access you can install it without compromising your device’s security. You only have to keep the install from unknown sources option enabled when you are about to install Zinitevi. Be alert on Zinitevi updates so you do not skip a single new feature on the app.

Zinitevi for iOS

Apple device owners can also benefit from the Zinitevi movie app as the iOS version of the program is available. The platform is compatible with all Apple devices running iOS 9 or later. You can stream or download Movies and TV shows on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Apple TV device by using Zinitevi.

zinitevi ios

You need not jailbreak your iPhone to install this movie app and further, it is also possible to install the app on jailbroken iDevices. In addition, you will be able to use Zinitevi++ if you have a jailbroken device. Streaming content will appear gorgeous on your iPhone display since you can view both HD and FHD resolutions. Be alert to the latest updates to the platform for maximum benefit.

Zinitevi for PC, Windows and Mac

Unfortunately, there is no separate PC version of this great movie app for the time being. That does not mean you can not launch it on your Windows or MAC, you can always use the alternative methods to run Zinitevi on your PC device. The first solution is to use an emulator tool that can virtualize the Android environment on your PC. You can rely on top-notch emulators like NoxPlayer and Bluestacksto achieve this purpose. Both services are free and you get the best experience of Zinitevi on your PC’s wide-screen without any lapse in quality.

zinitevi pc

If you do not want to use an emulator but still want to watch movies on your PC then you can rely on the app’s internal Wi-Fi sharing facility to enjoy what you love on your desktop or laptop. Ensure that both your mobile device and PC are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. You can execute the app and find the URL in the Wi-Fi sharing pop-up. You can enter URLs in the web browser and enjoy Zinitevi movies.

Zinitevi for Mibox, Roku, FireStick, FireTV, Smart TV, and Chromecast

Zinitevi is a versatile Movie app that you can easily launch on numerous platforms apart from your Android mobile or Apple device. It has extensive support for the above-mentioned devices and delivers a premium big-screen Movie experience without costing you anything. You don’t need any technical know-how to setup Zinitevi to work with all those devices. The interface is intuitive and user-friendly so you will grasp all the aspects of this platform easily.  This app is sure to make you addicted both feature-wise and content-wise.

zini tevi for tv

Multiple Device Support – Multiply your Fun

You can use your Android Smartphone, Tablet, Android TV, Smart TV, FireTV, Wi-Fi sharing, Roku, Chromecast, Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Apple TVto watch and download content. if you want to launch Zinitevi on your Windows or Mac PC you can do it with emulator software. The compatibility of Zinitevi with multiple devices and platforms ensures all types of media viewers are facilitated. Like many other Movie Apps, Zinitevi is a streaming link generator that scans for the best servers available online and allows you to stream or download content.

Reach the Depths of Your MovieTastes Without Affecting Your Device

it doesn’t matter what genre or category you like, Zinitevi covers them all with a huge library of Movies, TV Shows, and trailers. You can explore and discover content for your taste easily and fast. Most importantly, Zinitevi doesn’t require rooting your Android or jailbreaking your iOS. That means you can use the app as soon as you download it and install it. This movie app doesn’t put your device at risk by altering system settings which usually happens in jailbreak or root processes.

Few Adjustments, Ready to Embrace Movies and Shows

The only step you need to take before installing Zinitevi is to enable the install from unknown sources option on your Android device. If you are an Apple user you need to trust the Zinitevi app on your iOS device before you can launch it. These steps are due to the app’s unavailability in both Google Playstore and Apple Store.

Zinitevi functions as an independent Movie App that you can download as an APK or IPA file and install. There is no registration or sign-up procedure as in paid-subscription services such as Netflix, HBO, or Amazon Prime. You do not even need to create a free account on Zinitevi to use it.

No Clickbait Marketing, Watch in HD and FHD

One of the most impressive features of Zinitevi is that you can watch Movies in 720p HD or 1080p Full HD. It contrasts with some other movie apps, scamming users with clickbait phrases such as free HD Movies or Free Full HD movies which turn out lower resolution content when you try to view. In this sense, Zinitevi is honest about what it offers the users.

The app’s interface is minimalist and you can locate your favorite Movies and TV series easily. They are finely categorized into orderly sections which you can quickly access. Zinitevi is an active and fresh platform that is loaded with new content Updates regularly. The developers are also consistent with releasing system updates so that users have efficient and productive output.

Bluestacks and Zinitevi are great on your PC

If you want to enjoy Zinitevi on PC we highly recommend Bluestacks as it is the best emulator app available right now. You will experience a fast and smooth emulation experience with Bluestacks.  

Zinitevi and other Free Movie Apps

Zinitevi is similar to other free Movie apps such as Moviebox Pro, Mediabox HD, Cinema HD. These apps provide certain services unique to them thereby making it difficult to choose which one is the best among them. There is a possibility that a particular feature available in one platform is unavailable in another. Sometimes this feature can be a critical one that users like you crave.

Role of your Psychology with Movie Apps

Sometimes it is purely psychological when you become enticed with the interface of a particular Movie app more than with some other. These are subtle reasons that make you continue using a particular app instead of another. In this sense, Zini tevi is equipped and perfectly positioned to win your heart, and simplicity will be the first thing to become impressed with when you launch it for the very first time. That is, if you prefer using apps with a simple interface, then Zinitevi is your brand.

Get Zinitevi from a Secure Source

The only thing you need to be sure about is where you download the Zinitevi APK or the IPA file. Since it is not hosted on official platforms you have to download it from third-party sources, you should check the reliability of such sites before downloading anything. The reason is there are thousands of websites designed to corrupt your device or more than that by stealing your data. Please check our download section to get safe links to download Zinitevi APK and the IPA file. It also contains all the necessary installation instructions so that you can safely carry out the installation process.

Zinitevi FAQ

Q – is Zinitevi illegal?

A – The Movie App Zinitevi is not illegal to use. You will not face any legal issues just because you streamed or downloaded videos from an app. Some content in Zini tevi may have dubious origins due to the outsourcing from third-party servers. However, the only party to get affected by that is none other than the app itself. So, you are on the safe side

Q – Is Zinitevi Safe?

A – First of all, this movie app is free from rooting or jailbreaking your mobile device. This prevents your mobile from becoming vulnerable and exposed to undesirable programs. Secondly, Zini tevi scans all the streaming links before you can watch or download them. The app doesn’t disturb you with spamming pop-ups and ruin your viewing experience. The app receives system updates regularly so that it is prepared to tackle security exploits. Considering all such measures, it is safe to assume that Zinitevi is safe.

Q – How do I get Zinitevi on my computer? 

A – You can launch Zini tevi on your computer by using an emulator. There are big emulator brands such as Nox Player or Bluestacks. Both are powerful and stable software for running Android or iOS apps on a computer. you have to download the emulator and run the Zinitevi apk or IPA file via Nox or Bluestacks. Please refer to our Zinitevi for PC guide where we have covered the process step by step.

Q – Is Zinitevi download free?

A – Yes, Zinitevi is free forever, you will not be charged to watch or download Movies and TV shows from this app. The developers’ vision is to create a platform for free streaming which is similar to most other top-rated free movie apps.

Q – Can You download Zinitevi from Google Play Store or Apple Store?

A – Unfortunately, that’s impossible due to certain regulations. It functions as a third-party movie app and you can download it easily from the website.

Q – Can I watch Movies and Shows in HD?

A – Yes, you can, Zinitevi doesn’t deceive you with catchy phrases like HD Movies for free, it offers what it advertises without being dishonest. You can view or download movies in HD or FHD resolution. You are free to choose the quality you like.

Q – Why Zinitevi isn’t working?

A – just like all other non-Apple Store apps, Zinitevi relies on an enterprise certificate when it is installed on your device. These certificates are subject to Apple scrutiny and they get often revoked. This is a situation where you can’t install apps until the developer provides a new certificate.

Q – How to fix Zinitevi?

A – Zinitevi will malfunction on iOS if its certificate is revoked by Apple. You can try reinstalling the app or try to add a proxy that permits you to run revoked apps on iOS

Q – Why TestFlight is not installing?

A – if the TestFlight invitation link was involved in the process you would not be able to install it successfully due to two reasons. One of the reasons is there is a limit for users to access the beta program of the app, once the limit is reached you are not able to install the app. The TestFlight program functions for 90 days and after this period you need to reinstall the app.

Q – what are the best alternatives for Zinitevi?

A – Some good apps work on both Android and iOS devices such as Moviebox Pro, Mediabox HD, Movie HD. All these apps provide quality service for movie and tv show lovers worldwide. 


Zinitevi is one of a kind Movie App that benefits millions of Movie and TV show fans. The app is simple to install and use and doesn’t involve any risky procedure like jailbreaking or rooting. It is also free from account creation, which can slow down user access the very first time. Zini tevi only contains the most essential functions and preserves a minimalist appearance.

This condition seems to improve and enhance user experience in terms of interaction and navigation. Zinitevi provides unrestricted and unlimited access to watch all the latest content completely free. You need to use the app to experience the best of Zinitevi firsthand. Click the below links to get safe links to download Zinitevi on your Android or iOS device.