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Streaming Movies and TV shows for free on your mobile can be troublesome if you do not have the right app. Among thousands of Apps that promise free high-quality content, Zinitevi occupies a prominent place. You can use Zinitevi to watch and download the latest, popular, and trending movies and TV Shows in HD and FHD resolution.

It is home to media content that is available on paid streaming sites like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, HBO, etc. This app will certainly fit your tastes as it directs you to diverse movie categories and genres containing thousands of tempting titles. Yes, it is all free to view and download. If you use an iPhone, rest assured this app requires no jailbreaking. Android users can also launch Zinitevi without rooting the devices or performing anything risky. 

zinitevi download

Download ZiniTevi App Latest Version Free


Zinitevi for iOS / iPhone

Zinitevi is one of the go-to movie apps for iDevice owners for a couple of important reasons. first and foremost, Zinitevi has a simple installation process without jailbreaking or system overriding. The app can be used on iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch devices and it is compatible with all devices having iOS 9 or later. but is there a catch? It is not available on the App Store, but you can follow the above URL to download and install this amazing movie app on your device. 

Download ZiniTevi iOS

zinitevi ios

How to install Zinitevi on iOS?

Option 01 – Direct Download Method using the URL

When you select this option to get Zinitevi working on your iOS device, you need to perform the below actions.

  • Using your iDevice, open the download link provided
  • You will come up with a pop-up named ‘install’
  • Now the installation will initiate on your iOS device.
  • Now visit settings, General Settings, and tap on profile and device management. Here you will see the app profile. You have to trust it. 
  • Execute the icon of the Zinitevi app and launch it.

Feel free to enjoy movies and TV shows directly from the Zinitevi app

Option 02 – Indirect Download Method Using a Third-partyApp Store

It is possible to download and install Zinitevi on your iDevice by using a third-party app store. All you have to do is download the app store on your device and get the movie app through it.

  • Download and install Panda Helper app store.
  • Launch either of the Appstores, locate and download Zinitevi using the search tool.
  • Install Zinitevi via the app store
  • After the installation is complete you can launch the movie app and start streaming. 

Option 03 – Install Zinitevi on iDevice Using the Offline Method

If you choose this way of installing you should sideload Zinitevi IPA. Further, you need Altsign and Cydia Impactor. When you are prepared, perform the following steps and get the download complete.

  • As the first step, you need to download Cydia Impactor to the computer.
  • Link your iOS device to the computer
  • Launch Cydia Impactor, it will configure the iOS device.
  • Next download Zinitevi IPA file
  • Now provide the Apple ID login and password. Then you can permit Cydia Impactor to follow the remaining work.
  • With the above step, the installation will begin for the Zinitevi app. After the process is complete, you can see it on the home screen.
  • As the final step, visit Settings>General Settings and tap on profile and Device Management. Choose the Zinitevi app profile and mark it as ‘Trust’
  • When the above steps are properly completed youwill be able to stream your favorite content.

If your iOS device happens to be jailbroken you can try Zinitevi ++ which comes with additional features unlocked.

Zinitevi APK For Android

How to download and install Zinitevi on Android?

Zinitevi is highly compatible with Android devices as well. However, just like in the case of the iOS version, Zinitevi is not available in Google Playstore. Therefore, you cannot install this app on Android in the usual manner. You need Zinitevi APK to download and install on your Android device.

Download ZiniTevi APK

zinitevi android apk

Zinitevi APK For Android Installation Steps

  • Launch the above link from any Android smartphone or tablet device in which you want to install the app. Tap on Zinitevi download and let it complete.
  • If you encounter an installation failure error, just navigate to device settings and find the option to enable installation from unknown sources. Turn on if it is disabled. This will fix the app installation error.
  • Afterward, you should locate Zinitevi apk file once more and click on it. This will start the download. The installation will conclude shortly.
  • Now you can tap the Zinitevi icon on the homescreen or wherever it is installed to start streaming.

Zinitevi For Windows/ Mac PC

Zinitevi movie app has no dedicated pc version as in Moviebox Pro. You can rely on a good emulator app to launch Zinitevi on your desktop or laptop. With the help of such a tool, you will be able to achieve the full potential of Zinitevi. Mainly can benefit from the larger screen of your pc device. You can launch Zinitevi on MAC PC by this method as well. We recommend using either Bluestacks due to their exceptional performance.

Follow the below instructions to launch Zinitevi on your desktop, laptop, or even MacBook

  • First, download the Nox emulator and install it on your PC. You can access the emulator app using your Google Account. 
  • Next, download the Zinitevi APK. 
  • You can install the Zinitevi APK file via the emulator software.
  • Launch the movie app on the Nox emulator after the installation is complete.

With the conclusion of the above steps, you will be able to Zinitevi movie content on your PC devices without any issue.

Can I watch Movies on Zinitevi without installing the app?

Yes, this is possible. It is a hassle-free and direct way to enjoy movie content without installing the Zinitevi app.

How to watch Zinitevi content without installing it?

  • Make sure your mobile phone and PC are connected to the same wi-fi network.
  • Now download the Zinitevi app to your mobile device.
  • Enter the link that you see on the pop-up screen in your computer browser.

Zinitevi App For TV

Can I Stream Zinitevi Movies & TV Shows on Chromecast, Mibox, Roku, and Smart TV?

It is possible to watch Zinitevi content on the above devices with the following steps.

  • Ensure that your streaming platform such as Chromecast is plugged in. Connect it to Wi-Fi.
  • Now you need to launch Zinitevi on your mobile device. Afterward, you can allow casting Zinitevi on a smart device. 
  • Choose the device that you want for streaming such as Smart TV, Fire TV, or Roku.

What if I get a Zinitevi download/installation failed error?

If you get an error when trying to install Zinitevi you can perform the below actions.

  • You have to ensure that no third-party program is blocking the download.
  • Completely remove the Zinitevi app installed previously on the device. Use a system cleaner app or an uninstaller to fully remove Zinitevi content.
  • Enable the app to install on your device by turning on the Unknown Sources option.

Final words

Zinitevi can easily be downloaded and installed on iOS, Android, PC, and TV devices. Some platforms may require intermediary tools like emulators to launch Zinitevi. However, it is possible to view and download movies and tv shows without going for complicated steps. we have provided safe links to get APK and IPA installers of this Movie App since there are so many unreliable Zinitevi executable files out there that can infect your device. Always download from risk-free websites for a safer experience. Zinitevi keeps getting updated with new content and you can follow us to stay UpToDate with all the exciting changes.